Skin Surgery

At Cranleigh Gardens, we manage non-melanonitc skin cancer either by specialist creams or removal by skin surgery under local anaesthetic (numbing injections). If you are not a registered patient at our practice then you will have been referred by your GP or following advice from the dermatology department once they have reviewed an image of your skin lesion. 

You will be sent an appointment to see Dr Cathryn Dillon for either an assessment or in some cases directly for surgery. Details will be sent to you via post. Further information is at the lower section of this page for patients and referring clinicans.

The most common type to require surgery with us is called a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC). This is a useful information leaflet about BCCs;

Basal Cell Carcinoma patient information leaflet

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer or early changes that may lead to skin cancer then sunprotection is vital in reducing your risk of developing further skin cancers. It is also important to watch for areas of your skin the change or do not heal as expected. 

How to reduce your chance of getting a second skin cancer

Useful sources of information for recognising skin cancer changes can be found at trusted websites such as 

NHS website

Bristish Association of Dermatologists

Primary Care Dermatology Society

DermNet , which is more directed at clinicans 

Examples of BCCs are shown below 

BCC lip
BCC Face
BCC forehead

Our Service

For GP Practices

If a clinican uses teledermatology for diagnosis of a skin lesion and is told that it is possibly a non-melanotc skin cancer and they do not require a 2ww referral, the consultant may suggest referral to our service. This will be stated in the teledermatology outcome and will be for the following reasons

  • The patient is most local to Bridgwater
  • The surgery is slightly more complex or may require a local flap reconstruction but does not need secondary care due to additional skills of Dr Dillon

Dr Dillon has a background in plastic surgery and is accredited and mentored through SomersetFT MaxilloFacial surgery. She is commissioned by the ICB to undertake skin surgery in the community. She is able to perform some cases that would otherwise by done in secondary care as well as simple excisions and biopsy. Results are sent to the referring GP

It is important to note that due to the monitorng required we are not able to operate on patients who have a pacemaker or ICD

The referral should include the patient summary and teledermatology documentation. This is done via eRS under 

Telederm BCC/Minor Surgery Skin Lesions - Dr Dillon - Cranleigh Gardens RAS - NHS Somerset CCG 11X

Please ask clinicans to contact their patient to explain the teledermatology outcome as per their normal practice